An Ultimate Guide on ‘Testsealabs’ Antigen Rapid Test

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2 min readJun 20, 2021


The outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic has challenged the entire world. We are living in times of crisis which hasn’t been seen before. There is enormous scale of uncertainty, anxiety and a state of fear all around the world. This superlative contagious virus has claimed countless lives leaving the scientific community and medical professionals baffled on how to contain it.

Great news that the vaccines are getting approved. However, experts continue to vocalise the importance of Covid-19 testing which is critical to contain the pandemic even during the phase of vaccine rollouts.

With the Covid-19 lurking large, Testsealab’s Rapid Test has stepped up in constantly developing antigen rapid tests. A new version of the Testsealabs Antigen Rapid Test is now available on the European market. This was evaluated in a new clinical study and showed top performance in terms of sensitivity and specificity

What is Testsealabs Antigen Rapid Test

The fast and convenient solution for people looking for fast alternative of getting tested for Covid-19. The kit has a 97.6% Sensitivity rate, 98.4% specificity rate and 98.1% accuracy rate.

The Testsealabs antigen rapid test kit is developed as point of care (POC) and is user friendly test with prefilled test tubes. The tests are carried out on site by trained professionals and identify the pathogen of COVID-19 and its antigens right after.

The rapid antigen test is already listed with the new performance data at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) under the number AT082 / 20 and is therefore reimbursable.
BfArM: Antigen tests for direct pathogen detection of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

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